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    Dalian HOYO is a high-tech enterprise which specializes in the research, development and production of Finish Foil Decor papers. It was founded in year 2002 but has quickly grown into a leading Finish Foil Decor paper manufacturer in the industry, and has now exported its products to all over the world and well commended by overseas markets!
    Dalian HOYO has 2 factories. The factory- Dalian HOYO Decorative Materials Co. LTD, is located in Economic & Technological Development Area of Dalian City and caters to domestic market. The Factory - Dalian Export Processing Zone HOYO Home Furnishings Co.,ltd is located in the Duty-Free Zone and caters mainly to the overseas markets.
    Dalian HOYO is the leading Finish Foil Decor paper producer in China. It is the pioneer of all kinds of Texture surface Finish Foils Decor papers, like "3D" surface effect, "4D" surface effect, "Optical-embossing" surface effect, "Stipple" surface effect, etc. It is also the limited companies in China that can produce 2100mm wide, 1860mm wide, 1575mm wide, 1270mm wide Finish Foil Decor paper. The paper thickness ranges among 30g/sqm, 40g/sqm, 45g/sqm, 60g/sqm, 70g/sqm, 80g/sqm, etc. HOYO's base paper is imported from Japan and Germany.
    Finish Foil Decor paper can be applied onto various board/panel surface, like particle board, MDF board, plywood, etc, by continuous roller-cycle laminators and different glues. It can also be wrapped into all kinds of profiles, frames, doors, etc by wrapping machines and different glues. It is widely used in board-furniture industry, like living room furniture, bedroom furniture, kitchen furniture, etc, and doors, decorative skirt lines, etc, constructive industry, and also RV & Manufactured housing industry.
    HOYO is certified by ISO9001, FSC, SGS, etc, is awarded as the Famous brand by government, Honorable supplier by TOP 500 customer-Emerson, etc, and has various quality certificates like R2, R4, R7 for IKEA, etc.
    Abiding by the “green environmental protection” principle, HOYO has introduced in advanced equipment and technology in the industry and invested a lot on environmental protection equipment. HOYO has a group of senior engineers with dozens of years’ experience in Finish Foil Decor paper industry. Now HOYO has 7 printing lines and it is the first company in China that can produce wide coverage Finish Foil Decor paper, which reaches 7 feet, 6 feet, 5 feet, 4 feet width, etc. Therefore, HOYO possesses solid manufacturing capacity and R&D capability.
    With high product quality and professional customer-care service, HOYO is well favored and commended by famous domestic and overseas furniture companies. Its products are being sold to more than 50 countries in the world, like USA, Canada, France, Italy, Japan, Russia, etc. And it has long term good relationship with big customers like Emerson of USA, IRIS of Japan, Parisot of France, all the OEM factories of IKEA in Asian area, etc.
    “HOYO” brand is very well recognized in the market nowadays. "Fidelity the upmost, quality the supreme" is our mission to follow. We always humbly try our best to provide the highest quality and the most comprehensive pre-sales, in-sale and after-sale service to satisfy customers' all kinds of needs. We believe, to meet customers' needs will be to satisfy our own needs and we hope to grow together with our customers in a long-term friendship all the time!
    Furniture Decor Paper factory
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